Working Together

No one knows you better than you do; that's why the rewriting process is a partnership. No questionnaires. No templates.

I spend hours getting to know my clients on a personal and professional level. Together, we'll tease out the assets you bring to the table and weed through your concerns. We'll amplify your voice and accomplishments, and your résumé will remain authentically you.

The Process

Getting Started

The process begins by submitting your inquiries here.  Within 48 hours, I'll be in touch to set up a consultation.

The consultation is an integral step in the writing process. It's an opportunity to flesh out your experience and goals, and create a framework that highlights your strengths. Before the consultation, I'll review your current résumé, a cover letter (for a sense of your voice), and an example of a job listing that interests you. Then, we'll discuss how to shed irrelevant information while still maintaining sufficient context.

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The Consultation

The initial consultation is an open space to brainstorm together, and for you to contextualize your academic and professional experience. It's not an interview, but a conversation aimed at unearthing the competencies you bring to the table.

We'll tease out your assets/skills and their potential applications. Based on the positions or programs you're targeting, we'll strategize how to best present your résumé as a narrative of your growth, success, and potential. 

Consultations are via Google Hangouts, Skype, or phone, and typically last an hour. After the consultation, we'll set a timeline for completion. Typical turnaround time for delivery is 5-7 days and may be expedited based on availability.


First Draft & Revisions

After our initial discussion, I’ll send you an email inviting you to edit your first draft via Google Docs. The revision process is a collaborative one and the Google Doc platform allows us to revise the design and content together until you're satisfied.

At this stage, we’ll have another brief phone/video call to discuss your first impressions and any thematic changes. From there, we’ll continue to fine-tune the details until everything is ‘just right.’


Cover Letter

Effective cover letters build a narrative that gives life to your résumé. They make you human.

To help you compose an impactful cover letter, it’s necessary that I have an accurate understanding of your professional experience. I postpone any discussion of your cover letter (unless there are special circumstances) until after we review your first draft together. As I begin to understand who you are as the person beyond the résumé, it becomes more clear what we should be focusing on in the cover letter.


Final Product

As the final step in the process, I’ll share a Google Drive folder with the finalized Google Doc, Microsoft Word, and PDF versions of each document so that you can access everything easily.

*Please note that you don't need a Gmail account to access or edit your drafts.

Résumé Pricing


  • Rush order: $100*

  • Résumé: $175 per additional industry

  • Tailored cover letter: $75 each

  • Professional Bio: $150

  • LinkedIn Profile: $150

*Subject to availability

Standard Package


  • Consultation

  • Résumé

  • Tailored cover letter

  • Unlimited Revisions