Break the mold.

The goal is simple: create a clear, concise document that distinguishes you from your competitors. The challenge is highlighting the nuances that set you apart; tailored templates aren't enough. 

Greenpoint Résumé Studio breaks the mold of stodgy templates, successfully navigating applicant screening software, catching employers' attention, and most importantly, building a compelling personal brand.

Employers are hiring because they have a problem —— and they're willing to pay you to solve it. To get the job, you need to be their solution.


It's only work if you'd rather be doing something else.

Consider This:

  1. Professional résumés have an employer pass rate 60% higher than amateur ones.

  2. Your candidacy is determined by an algorithm; navigating that algorithm is tricky. Learn more about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

  3. Employers scan résumés for an average of 6.25 seconds before deciding if they're interested (check out this article published by Forbes).

  4. An effective résumé is disruptive. It doesn't look like your competitors'.

  5. If it doesn't spotlight your efficacy, it's clutter. Responsibilities are important, but are they relevant?