The goal is simple: create clear, concise framework to distinguish you from your competitors. The challenge is highlighting the nuances that set you apart; tailored templates aren't enough. Persuasive résumés depend on compelling content, visual appeal, and personal branding.

Employers are hiring because they have a problem to solve, and they are willing to pay for your services to meet that need. To get the job, you need to be the solution.



The process begins by sending in your current résumé, cover letter (or other business writing for a sense of voice), and an example of a job listing that interests you. Within 48 hours, I will be in contact to set up a consultation. Click here to start the process.


The initial consultation is a collaborative space to brainstorm together. We will tease out your experiences and skills, and their potential applications. At Greenpoint Résumé Studio, each résumé represents a living, breathing, intricate person: what drives you and where have you been? 

Consultations are via phone or Skype and typically last 30 minutes to an hour (but, of course, there's no time limit). After the consultation, typical turnaround time for delivery is 3-7 days, and may be expedited based on availability.


Each draft is shared as a Google doc with comments and feedback to explain the changes made. Once you receive your drafts, we will work together to revise the design and content until you're satisfied.