My Story

My vision for Greenpoint Résumé Studio developed a few years ago while I was revising a friend’s résumé. Also tired of my job, I explored the idea of opening my own business. I loved the idea of having direct impact on each of my clients' professional (and personal) happiness. In the spirit of GRS's humble beginnings, I pride myself in treating each résumé with the care I use when editing my friends'. 

I received a formal education in résumé writing from the National Résumé Writers' Association (NRWA), and have a B.A. in Philosophy (with minors in English and Business). As a member of the NRWA, I have access to hundreds of industry standards, keywords, and jargon, and attend monthly continuing education classes on career counseling and résumé writing. Additionally, I have training in HR best practices, experience as a hiring manager, and have navigated several prominent applicant tracking systems. I also worked deeply on hiring and recruiting for the Repair the World Fellowship program, and served as the Alumni Relations Coordinator for the organization.

I have experience working for the federal government, a tech startup, a Fortune 500 corporation, and a nonprofit focused on social and racial justice.

I volunteer with HireLiving, an Atlanta-based non-profit that helps train and place unemployed women who are victims of domestic abuse. Additionally, I have a free, public session available for selection through the Denver Public Library System.

When I’m not working, I can be found doing all things Colorado - skiing, hiking, enjoying the park, etc. - enjoying live music, or listening to a podcast (probably on behavioral economics!).